Sarah Chalmers


Having played in Beanfield Brass Band under Don Manning whilst at school playing: Cornet, Tenor horn and Eb Bass. Completely unaware of the significance as a child I’ve played at the RAH, RFH, and various contest across the country (the records and my memory are poor). I then had a 23 year gap in playing before moving to Lewes and realising they had a brass band. Like riding a bike, it all came flooding back! I like the mixture of engagements we do from: Fete’s to Bandstand’s, Bonfire Night (my favourite night of the year) and Carolling at Xmas mixed with the contesting where every year you learn something never and improve as a player. I will never tire of playing Death or Glory and Nimrod always make me cry.

Life in Lewes Glynde and Beddingham Brass provide lots of new experiences, and brilliant band mates.

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