Emily Rich


When I was 10 years old I started playing the trumpet. My parents had always wanted me to play an instrument, so I had been through many before I stuck with one. The trumpet just seemed to click with me.

At secondary school I had lessons with Jon Penton. After realising you cant play a trumpet in brass bands, my parents soon bought me a cornet.
When I was at school, I joined every music related club I could! This included; the brass ensemble, orchestra, swing band and the production orchestra. In year 11, I also became the prefect for the music department!
I first joined Heathfield Silver band in their training band in 2010 and subsequently moved into the main band a few months after. Starting on 3rd cornet, I quickly moved up to 2nd, then repiano then after a couple of years with the band I found myself on front row! In 2013 I became the principle cornet for HSB! This was like a dream come true! I decided to move on and leave Heathfield Silver Band behind in June 2015. I was about to start my A-levels and needed more time to myself for things like studying. Being in 3 bands was a bit too much!!
In 2012 I helped LGB out with their Christmas concert, which I loved every second of! In June 2013, I was then invited to join the band, which was very exiting for me. I started off on solo cornet, and they have kept me there ever since ( I don’t know why either…!)
I have been to so many different events with them, including fetes, concerts, bonfire marches, Whit Friday, scaba contests, Regional contests,playing at a football match at the AMEX stadium and too many more to name.
In 2014, I joined another band called Warbleton Brass Band, who I continue to play with currently, being a solo cornet. I also help out other bands when I am asked, like Uckfield Concert Brass, which I love doing.
 Whilst at school I also joined the East Sussex Brass Band, which is a youth band for the local area run by the music service. I played with them for 3 years, starting on rep, then progressing on to solo for the latter 2 years.
LGB has given me so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten, like competing in contests, playing alongside some big names and meeting so many lovely people.
I hope this is only the beginning of my story with LGB

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