Chris Percy


I was first introduced to a brass instrument when Paul Hyde visited my Junior school, I seemed to take a liking to the baritone, have no idea why and my parents thought it would not last but went along with it. Turned out I was not too bad and worked my way up to grade 5.  During this time when I moved up to senior school Paul introduced me to the Eb Bass, I found this difficult at first but quickly picked it up and this is the instrument I have played pretty much exclusively from then on.

During my early years on the tuba I played with the East Sussex Music Service with the brass band and concert band, then progressed to the South Downs Youth Concert Band, which I played for until I was 19 years old.

I then had a year or so off and during this time was approached by LGB Brass to play at the SCABA Spring contest in Hove, this would have been about 2004, I guess it must have gone OK as I am still here now 12 years down the line!

Whilst at LGB I also play regularly with Wealden Brass who are based in Hailsham, and also help out other bands I the south east area if they are short of a bass.

I am not sure what it is about the Eb bass sound but it really seems to resonate with me, love playing the low, deep notes and providing the supporting sounds for the rest of the band to sit on. I like quite a wide variety of styles of music, not really sure there is a favourite, I love a good march so I guess Knights Templar would have to be up there. The best banding moment would have to be becoming 3rd section national champions in 2013

When I am not playing the tuba I work for Brewers Decorator Centres as an IT Support Technician, love my tech and gadgets and am always on the lookout for new and exiting products.

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