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The Southern Counties Youth Band (scyb) is organised by scaba for all young players in the ares. They recently held their third residential course at St. Catherine’s School in Bramley with Paul Lovatt-Cooper as the course director.  Three of the training band attended and two have provided their diaries of the week.
Christina Kearley, training band leader, “I’m delighted that we are able to give our training band members such a brilliant opportunity to develop their playing and meet other young players. Thanks scaba for organising this.”
Players Diaries

Day 1: I had a long journey from Saltdean to get to the private school that was hosting this residential.

Today we have had or first practices and meal and got comfortable in our rooms.

We were introduced to our course leader Mr Paul Lovatt-Cooper and he’s been great already!

Day 2: So today was our first full day of rehearsing and it was very full on and tiring but it was great fun, Paul has been very funny and we got to do a percussion workshop with him. We did a piece called Summon the Spirits, where us 3 main percussionists all got solos during the piece, it was great fun to play.

Day 3: Today was our second full day and we spent it fine tuning the pieces that we are going to perform tomorrow in our concert. We got the opportunity to do some swimming in the afternoon but I didn’t I just stayed with the other people who didn’t want to in the common room and we were playing different card games as a group of a few of us.

Day 4: So today was our last day and we played our concert and it was great fun! It went really well, we even got to speak to one of the composers of a piece we were playing.

I really enjoyed this experience and I hope to do it again next year!




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