LGB Brass keep their Whits about them

The band enjoyed a trip to the Annual Oldham and Saddleworth Whit Friday Marches Contest.

Accompanied by a few helpers and volunteers (that’s right folks, volunteers!) and well organised by our contest secretary, Jane Stewart, we managed to get round 7 of the 11 villages. We visited: Diggle, Dobscross, Uppermill, Greenfiled, Grotton, Lydegate, Lees (confess to losing track of the order). Our marches were Sussex by the Sea (obviously) for the walking march and Branwyn for the adjudicated piece.

Individual scores for each contest shown below, with Lees being the highest ranking performance.  The band ranked 42nd out of 127 bands overall.

Whits 15 Final

Reservior LGB

LGB Brass – waiting for the off

It truly is the greatest free show on earth, and you never know which Championship band MD will photobomb you….

Black Dyke Photobomb

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