New members make their mark

In the past few months LGB has welcomed several new members who have quickly made an impression.

Jo Highfield (trombone) delighted the audience with her interpretation of ‘When I’m 64’ at the MacMillan concert in October, which was her first with the band. She delighted the band members even more when, in the pub after the concert, she revealed that she had inadvertently used her ‘band shirt’ at a fancy dress party a few weeks previously, bearing as it did a rather prominent red cross. Fortunately this was hidden by Jo’s band jacket in October – and unfortunately Jo has since replaced the shirt, much to everyone’s disappointment…

David Williams (percussion) had the definitive marching baptism of fire at Lewes bonfire on November 5th (and he wasn’t the only one!) – and did us proud. By the time Lewes Remembrance Parade took place a week later, he was so good at it we were getting compliments from the organisers – loving your work David.

Guillermo (not his best side)

Guillermo Gregori (cornet) joined us from Spain shortly after our excursion to Cheltenham. For a while we got a little bit excited that with our new found fame we were attracting members from far afield, until it turned out that Guillermo is studying at Sussex Downs College, just round the corner from where we rehearse in Lewes. You can’t win ’em all.

We’ve been working on introducing Guillermo to some traditional pursuits – Lewes bonfire, Remembrance Day, the Great British Roast Dinner, ‘Sheep of the Week’ etc… This week he got his own back by bringing traditional Christmas treats from Spain to rehearsal for us to try – they were absolutely delicious, particularly given that some of us had spent the first half of the evening playing in the rain at late night shopping. He can definitely stay.

(While we’re on the subject, because we were brung up proper like and we’ve got manners, we’d like to say hello and thanks to Guillermo’s mum for sending the massive box of goodies over – complete with cups and napkins! Thank you!)

Peter Cowlett (trombone) was no stranger to the band having helped us out on percussion a few times in the past. We’re clearly such a lovely bunch that wasn’t enough for him – and he is now a regular member (and a post-rehearsal-pub regular, which has endeared him to us all).

Welcome to Jo, David, Guillermo and Peter and thanks for your commitment and dedication so far. You wouldn’t happen to know any tuned percussion players would you?!

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